How You Can Help

The Conservancy urgently requires new members, committed volunteers and funding, in order to build on its solid achievements of the past decade.

Volunteers are always welcome across a broad spectrum of experience and abilities, in fields as diverse as visitor management and wildlife care, to research fieldwork and fundraising. A voluntary role in the exciting work of the Conservancy can be an extremely fulfilling experience.

A particular focus of the Conservancy is fundraising, as the demands of an ever more complex world put greater strains on the natural environment.

Investment capital and operational revenue are generated from the following sources, each of which is a focus for concerted effort:

  • Conservation management and advice
  • Education and research programs
  • Visitation to WCTQ members' reserves
  • Memberships and trading
  • Donations and bequests
  • Government grants and in kind support
  • Commercial sponsorship programs

Please contact us for further information on how you can assist the Conservancy and its member organisations to achieve their goals.